Buna® CB

Butadiene Rubber for plastic modification

Butadiene Rubbers for plastic modification are produced by a solution polymerization process which enables the production of very pure, virtually gel-free, very clear and almost colorless products. These rubbers are manufactured either in an anionic process or using Ziegler-Natta catalyst systems. Our company produces Butadiene Rubber for plastic modification in three different plants which ensure a global supply.


The use of organometallic catalysts produces highly uniform polymers that are particularly suited for use in high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and for the mass-solution polymerization of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resins (m-ABS).

Main Grades

NamePlantTypeSV ML 1+4
Buna® CB 70 GPTCaboLi-BR25069.5
Buna® CB 55 GPTCaboLi-BR16552.5
Buna® CB 530 TPt.JérômeLi-BR25068
Buna® CB 550 TPt.JérômeLi-BR16354
Buna® CB 550 IPPt.JérômeLi-BR16354
Buna® CB 565 TPt.JérômeLi-BR star4460
Buna® CB 550OrangeLi-BR16354
Buna® CB 380OrangeLi-BR9038
Buna® CB 728 TOrangeNd-BR16044




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