Buna® BL

Butadiene-Styrene Block Co-Polymers

The Buna® BL product group contains butadiene-styrene block co-polymers that are produced by solution polymerization using an alkyl-lithium catalyst. The solution polymers having high purity and light color that provide low shrinkage and good cellular uniformity to the high and low density microporous compounds, avoiding post-curing processing. BUNA® BL grades have been designed particularly with the shoe sole industry in mind. They present a high content of block styrene that makes these polymers a good choice for the manufacturing of shoes soles with increased hardness without sacrificing abrasion resistance.


Buna® BL is used in the manufacture of microporous, compact and injection molding shoe soles providing high hardness to the vulcanized compounds mainly in compact soles. Due to their high hardness BUNA® BL grades can also be used in rubber heel formulations.

Main Grades

Buna®Mooney (1+4)Styrene (%)Block Styrene (%)
BL 30-4548454830
BL XP 74095048.534.5


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