Buna® CB

Cobalt Butadiene Rubber

Our polybutadienes catalyzed by Cobalt have a high 1.4-cis content combined with higher 1.2-vinyl content and a broader molecular weight distribution with an increased degree of branching that allows easier processing and high quality rubber goods.


CoBRs can be used in sidewall and tread compounds for tires. Further typical applications are conveyor belts, golf balls, footwear soles, etc. They can be blended with NR for goods having thick sections, high resistance to reversion and high abrasion resistance.

Provided that the compounds are formulated and processed correctly, the vulcanizates have good resistance to aging, reversion, abrasion and flex cracking, good low temperature flexibility and high resilience.

Main Grades

NameML 1+4Remark
Buna® CB 122153highly branched
Buna® CB 120343branched
Buna® CB 122040highly branched


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