Buna® CB

Lithium Butadiene Rubber

Lithium catalyst systems lead to polybutadienes with a medium cis-1,4 content. These polybutadienes are linear polymers used in classical tire formulations around the bead area of the tire. Due to a further process step Buna® CB 60 is star branched polymer that allows the incorporation of high loadings of filler yet allowing good processibility in, for example, apex compounds.


Technical rubber goods, apex areas of the tire, shoe soles and in applications where low temperature flexibility is important.

Main Grades

NamePlantML 1+4
Buna® CB 60Pt.Jérôme60
Buna® CB 55 NFPt.Jérôme55
Buna® CB 55 HCabo54
Buna® CB 55 LCabo51
Buna® CB 45Cabo / Orange45





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