Buna® SBR

Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubbers_Buna® SBR

These four SSBR´s complement the existing Buna® VSL portfolio by offering microstructures and oil extensions not previously available. They are aimed to improve performance in tire tread applications and particularly where silica is used as the filler of choice.


Buna® SBR 2300 and Buna® SBR 2353 are seen as a possible replacement for ESBR 1500 / 1502 and ESBR 1723 types in CB and CB / silica blends respectively. Their low Tg close to -50°C makes them also suitable for winter and all season tread applications.

Buna® SBR 2153 is a high vinyl SSBR with a low oil extension (10 phr MES oil) and targets RRc reduction through allowing reduced filler loadings. Good levels of grip can be achieved.

Buna® SBR 2382 is a high styrene SSBR with a low oil extension (10 phr TDAE oil) and due to the high styrene level, imparts stiffness to the tread compound to enhance for example high speed handling. It can also be used to increase stiffness in combination with functionalised SSBR´s where it is known that stiffness drops due to the improved polymer / filler interaction and reduced Payne effect. It can also be used to achieve higher dynamic stiffness in compounds where RRc has been optimised through reduction of filler loadings.

Main Grades


Buna® Styrene[%] vinyl[%] Mooney 1+4 oil Tg (°C)
SBR 2300 27 18 54 - -48
SBR 2353 27 18 54 34 phr MES -52
SBR 2153 25 44 63 10 phr MES -28
SBR 2382  41 14 68 10 phr TDAE -30